Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Maestros: Grappler (Name in progress)

The Maestros: The Disruptor (Name in progress)

This guy basically spits acid and then runs away once his pouch is empty.

Sister Sister

Tim Burton styled conjoined twins.  I wanted one sister to be dominant, arrogant, and snobby, and the other sister portrayed as the henchman sister.

The Lake Monster

A fun piece using some partial Z Brush for the head.  Inspired by Bobby Chiu and Michael Kutche.

The Artist - Arkham CIty Villain

A new villain for the Arkham franchise.  The Jay Pero  was once an ambition art student who was driven mad by constant disappointment, and constant criticism that his work was simply "not provocative" enough.  

In order to finally impress the world, Jon one day brought a sculpture of his loving grandmother (in person), and was immediately sent to a psychiatric ward.  Since then, Jon has been obsessed with his work of his term, Human-Cubism and Body Deconstructionism. He often uses small traps such as toxins, rope, cement, or visual curiosity to snare his victims (most of which, he chooses due to something interesting or pertaining to a particular art piece he's been planning).

His weakness would indeed be his obsession however.  Because he often follows a certain theme or concentration for a series, where he might attack and who he might go after could be predicted with enough deduction.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mountain Creature

This ancient creature is a told myth: a large giant-- last of his kind--that hides outside of the kingdoms' reaches, residing in a maze of mountains covered by forests and fog. It is said that whoever consumes the heart of this creature, he/she will be granted immortal life.

A dying king (villain) desires the heart of this creature, and so commissions a poor, tracker-thief girl (hero) to find this creature and steal his heart. As it turns out, this task is not as easy as it seems: it camouflages with its environment, and it's temple is high above its head.

That's the story so far though. If you do take the heart from this creature, he falls SOTC-style and becomes part of the environment, and it's all a very sad looking scene. If the king does manage to eat the heart however, though he is granted immortal life, he is cursed with eternity as well: his mind will eventually fall into madness and he will wonder the earth, slowly transforming into the very beast he ate (and so the cycle continues).

I was inspired by stuff like Shadow of the Colossus, Nebuchadnezzar, and the Ozymandias poem by Percy Shelley.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gillian Sherzack

It's the creature from the Black Lagoon done in Mike Mignola's style.
He's a high school water polo jock and he attends W.O.L.F. (West Occult Learning Facility)